3-Day Bulking Routine for Beginners

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This beginner routine may be started after the general training program. It is ideal for a first split routine for beginners. If you start working out just now, you should pick a general workout routine first.

3-Day Bulking Routine

Try to increase load in each set (30%; 50%; 70%; 80%; 90%). You should begin each exercise with 8-10 repetitions. But in the last sets you might only be able to do only 5 or 6 reps. Someone should always be standing behind you to help if you come to a halt during the move (see our article on forced reps). You can apply the "super slow" technique for several exercises. This is great because the muscle will get a lot of stimuli in the negative phase of the move, too. And it wouldn’t get these stimuli from simple lifts or presses. Every now and then, you may take off 50% of the weight at the end of the exercise and do a last “pumping” set until your muscles feel like they were made of lead.

Week 1

Monday: Chest & Back

Wednesday: Legs & Abs

Friday: Shoulders & Arms

Week 2

Monday: Chest & Back

Wednesday: Legs & Abs

Friday: Shoulders & Arms

This routine is suitable for shredding, too. All you need to do is reshape your diet. No other change is required, contrary to the common misbelief that you should reduce the weight and increase rep counts.

There are a few important things to remember. This training plan will only become a “bulking” routine if you devour protein and calories by the kilo! The plan itself is not enough for progress! Everything is decided at home by the stove. There is no training plan in this world that could bring results without sufficient nutrition or recovery. You cannot bulk and shred at the same time! So, forget about wishes like: “I want to grow my pecs while my six-pack is gradually becoming visible.“ This is not like that! And you shouldn’t vary your workout routine too often. Progress doesn’t depend on that. It’s no use to change a proven system. All the “scientific” training plans you can find in the magazines will only leave you confused. More is not necessarily better. How much time should a workout take? Not too much: no more than 90 minutes. It should be short but intense! This is one of the key principles. No science. Only practice, which has been proven several times.

Good luck!

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