7 great bodybuilding superfoods

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Laymen think that bodybuilders simply can't live without the combination of chicken breast and rice, and they just eat that all the time, nothing else. So when these laymen start to work out and eat right as their New Year's resolution, they eat almost nothing but chicken and rice. Let me tell you one thing: there IS life besides that combination of food. A great life.

Being on a protein-dense bodybuilding diet doesn't mean that you can only consume only one type of food all year long.

1. Egg whites

This is one of the best and cleanest sources of protein out there with a great value for money. It contains 12.5 grams of protein per 100 grams. One of the best things about eggwhites is that you can prepare them by many ways. The best – and at the same time the most time-consuming – way is probably to boil them, but you can also make fried eggs too. If you make broth, you can put the eggs into the soup, if that's your thing. When frying, make sure you use coconut oil instead of sunflower oil and buy a high-quality pan because it can be very irritating when the egg whites stick onto the surface of the pan.

You have to ditch most of the egg yolks, though. These contain harmful – and also harmless, and healthy, for the record – fats, which you don't need, especially when you're on a strict diet. Therefore you should not eat more than three egg yolks a day. I didn't say that. Arnold Schwarzenegger did.

If you wish to eat protein without any carbs and fats, eat egg whites!

2. Charolais beef

Here is chicken breast's most powerful enemy. It is a misbelief that red meat is harmful due to their high-fat content. There are low-fat red meats, one of them is Charolais beef. It does not raise the cholesterol levels in the body – same applies to sirloin by the way.

The biggest problem with Charolais beef meat is its price. It is very expensive, but this article is not about cheep foods, it's about the best foods for bodybuilders. Red meat is full of vitamins, iron, zinc and creatine, these things promote cell growth. Are you looking for a great recipe for Charolais beef meat? You have found it!

If you wish to be strong as a Hulk, eat beef meat!

3. Salmon Fillet

Another food that can replace chicken breast. It is full of proteins, and on top of that, it contains incredibly healthy, unsaturated fats. Salmon fillet is the perfect choice if you are on a ketogenic diet. Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, with them you can also reduce the risk of heart disease.

If you wish to be as ripped as a top athlete, eat Salmon Fillet!

4. Sweet Potatoes

This is the first carbohydrate that we mention in this article. I don't care if you're dieting or bulking, neither is possible without slow absorbing carbohydrates for long (the only exception is again Ketogenic Diet, but even that is not sustainable for too long), because these provide energy for the hard weight lifting workouts.

Sweet Potatoes are full of beta-carotene (which smoker should avoid at any costs, but if you train like an athlete, you probably and hopefully do not smoke), which our body converts into a cell-increasing Vitamin-A with the purpose to aid and maintain blood sugar stability*. Besides, it contains a lot of fibres, which are beneficial for both your muscles and your health.

So if you are bored of rice, mix it up or substitute it fully with Sweet Potatoes – but be careful, in 100 grams you will find 4 grams of sugar, and while this amount is ok for most people, you have to take this into consideration.

5. Chicken breast

Yes, we couldn't miss chicken breast out of the list, and while everybody knows why is it one of the best foods on Earth for muscle growth (it's relatively cheap, low-fat, contains a lot of proteins), we will not talk about it thoroughly.

If you're looking for a budget solution for your daily protein intake, eat chicken breast!

6. Water

Yes, you're right, this is the odd one. Despite it is a liquid, water can also build muscle. We are not crazy, and soon you will see why.

The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50-75%. Water takes up 79% of your muscles, 73% of your brain and 83% of the lungs. Water is also the primary building block of cells. So, yeah, it is safe to say that water builds muscle. If you keep training when dehydrated, your strength and muscle size will decrease, it is really that simple. Probably the biggest mistake you can make in bodybuilding is not drinking enough water. Muscles can not work properly when they are thirsty, they also cannot take up nutrients "fluently".

Proper fluid intake improves the following processes:

  • regeneration
  • digestion
  • fat burning (water intake can speed up metabolism)
  • flushing out the toxins
  • better transport of nutrients (protein synthesis)

In most cases, 0,5 dl of water intake is necessary every day by kg body weight. Important note: if you have water filter equipment at home, don't rely on filtered water, you lso have to drink mineral water, because filtered water comes without minerals.

7. Asparagus officinalis

In the cartoon, Popeye got bigger and stronger because he ate spinach, but we all know this does not work in reality – unfortunately. But what we do know is that for ripped physique you need to eat vegetables – a whole lot of them.

Asparagus is best known for its diuretic nature, this is why it is one of the best vegetables to have in a bodybuilder's diet. It will give your urine a strong odour and a strange greenish colour, so do not worry if this happens to you, it's completely normal. Asparagus also helps when you are tired and exhausted, and it can also eliminate rapid mood swings.

At the last weeks of your diet, it is strongly recommended to consume asparagus from time to time thanks to its diuretic nature.

This goal of this article is not to make you eat only these foods, but if you haven't already, we strongly advise you to consume them regularly.

*: Sluijs, I., Cadier, E., Beulens, J. W. J., Spijkerman, A. M. W., & van der Schouw, Y. T. (2015). Dietary intake of carotenoids and risk of type 2 diabetes. Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, 25(4), 376-381.

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