Ab exercises

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Abdominal muscles, or in short, "abs" consists of many different muscle groups. If it wasn't for them, you couldn't turn your torso and tilt your upper body to the side.

Ab exercises – in the gym or at home too!

When it comes to ab workouts, probably the best thing is that you can do most ab exercises at your home. You don't need any equipment for a plank, ab crunches and leg raises, so you'll only need time to do them, and, of course, dedication.

Ab anatomy

The most visually recognizable part of the abs is the rectus abdominis, which covers almost the entire front area of your abs, it lays between the lower part of the ribs and the pelvis. This muscle contracts whenever we bend our body starting from our hips and we raise our legs. It also contracts if we pull our shoulders to our hips (despite the spine stays straight for example during an ab crunch exercise).

Some bodybuilders think that crunches stimulate the upper parts of the abs, and leg raises stimulates the lower areas of the abs. The truth is, every ab crunch and leg raise contracts the entire rectus abdominis, but if you are advanced enough, you can isolate certain parts because of the good mind-muscle connection you have.

Ab exercises for women

While some people think women need special ab exercises, the truth is, they have to train their abs in the same way and with the same intensity as men. There are no special ab exercises for women, so just forget this. Do not google specialized ab exercises for women, because there aren't any. Do what boys do, and your abs will be tight – we absolutely guarantee that. Of course, if your diet is on point, which is, ultimately, much more important than ab exercises.

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