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It's time to take a closer look at one of the oldest multivitamin on the market which was made for athletes. There are hundreds of new products coming out day by day, but sometimes it's better not to try out new things but to stick to good old ones which were working. Animal Pak represents the old way.

If you are lifting weights we always advise you here at Shop.Builder that first, you should get your solid nutrition right, then think about supplements. In a perfect world this would be enough for optimal muscle gains and strength development, but unfortunately, in our modern world, the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables is much lower than normal. An apple, for instance, doesn't contain as many vitamins and minerals as it used to decades ago. This is because the soil suffers from a variety of nutrients, and chemicals also damage our food sources.

This is the reason why supplements are so important. And what is the most basic supplement? That's right: vitamins.

There are more and more new diseases, and people get sick more and more often – one of the reasons for this is that people do not take (enough) vitamins. Daily recommended values (in short: DV) may be sufficient for non-athletes, but if you sweat in the gym (or on the streets, whatever) at least 3 times a week, your body needs much more than that, not to talk about that in your case the body needs special vitamins and stuff too for your workouts.

Animal Pak was born in August 1983 – more than 34 years ago – and was used and preferred by bodybuilders and athletes who took workouts seriously. This is not just another average multivitamin formula, it was made for those who want to look like superheroes. Of course, the product is up-to-date, its content is not completely the same since 1983 thanks to scientific findings and research, but its "base" remained the same.

It's known that if your body doesn't receive the right amount of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it won't function optimally, therefore you won't be able to build muscle the way you'd like. Vitamin deficiency can also lead to diseases.

Animal Pak was made to provide you everything that is needed for anabolic processes and good health. The product contains a few performance-enhancers, lipotropic fat burners, digestive enzymes, and a lot of antioxidants, therefore we could call Animal Pak "the weight gainer of multivitamins": you don't have to buy any other vitamins, this product contains everything you need.

There's an increased need for micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) when you're cutting down because you eat fewer calories and food and this can lead to deficiencies. In every little (actually, they are pretty bulky) package of Animal Pak there are more than 59 ingredients, but if you are under a lot of stress (exams, spring fever, etc), you can take up to two packages a day.

There is another problem which wasn't addressed in this article until now. Nowadays a lot of people take medication (drugs, aspirin, antidepressants, ibuprofen, etc) and these increase the flow of essential micronutrients out of the body. So if you take medication, it is recommended to take a strong multivitamin formula, like Animal Pak.

 / 5.0
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