Arnold’s 12 rules for success

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Arnold’s success in bodybuilding, the movie industry, politics and business speaks for itself. Below you can read 12 rules for success, which could be useful for you, too!

"What's up, Big Louie?"

Arnold’s character and personality determined his way to success in every segment of his life he tried himself in. As a young bodybuilder, he already played his cards right: he would manipulate and mislead his competitors on purpose, and pursue massive psychological warfare, which made him win even before stepping on stage. This shows perfectly in his famous phrase he said to Lou Ferrigno: “l called my mother yesterday already and l said, ‘l won.’'' But he also mopped up the competitors who were mentally stronger than him, even though not with his mind but the projection thereof: his physique. When the Oak was on top, nobody had a chance against his competitive personality.

As you might have guessed, Arnold must have acted by a certain set of rules when he wanted to enforce his will (which he actually did). And he collected these rules in 12 points.

Rule #1: Trust yourself

“I was determined to be unique.” No matter what anyone else said, Arnold believed he could make his bodybuilding dreams come true. And he did.

Rule #2: Team up

But not just with anyone. He knew a strong and knowledgeable partner could assist and motivate him. So he teamed with “Powerhouse” Franco Columbu for workouts, and later they became friends. After he recognized the importance of a good partner for success, Arnold later applied this success secret to business.

Rule #3: Learn from mistakes

When smooth 250-pound Arnold lost the 1968 Mr. U to lean and polished Frank Zane, he learned a valuable lesson. He engraved it into his mind for life: a chunky mass of flesh is not everything. Afterward, he paid careful attention to all the details. He never made the same mistake twice.

Rule #4: Profit from mentors

Joe Weider taught Arnold about training, posing, promoting, and business. Throughout his diverse careers, Arnold has benefitted from the wisdom of experienced advisers.

Rule #5: Choose a nourishing environment

In fertile soil a seed can grow into an Oak. Training in Gold’s Venice twice daily amid his fellow Mr. Universes exposed Arnold to positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and practical knowledge. After thorough consideration, he used all constructive criticism to improve his results.

Rule #6: Break some rules

Early in his career, Arnold's calves lagged. But after consulting with Reg Park, he worked them six days per week–an unorthodox approach that helped turn a weakness into a strength. "You have to think outside the box", Arnold states.

Rule #7: Invite competition

To be his best, Arnold had to beat the best. That’s why he welcomed his duels with Sergio Oliva—the one man in the world who could truly challenge him when both were at their peaks.

Rule #8: Work your butt off

Arnold recognized it early in his career that one can only achieve considerable results with hard work. Although he may seemed laid-back and would often pull jokes on his fellows, when it came to workout, you could hardly find anyone else who would train with such determination, effort and volume as he did. Maybe the Mentzer brothers exceeded him in this one respect.

But Arnold did not only devote immense efforts to developing his physique in the gym. Unlike most of the bodybuilders that time, he would delve into the literature of nutrition and various training methods and techniques. Doing so, he was well before his time. With the help of Joe Weider, he also recognized the importance and benefits of supplements. Arnold was a bodybuilder 24/7, not only in the gym. He devoted incredible efforts to bodybuilding.

Rule #9: Stay hungry

As it stands in the title of the famous documentary “Stay hungry”. This means, stay motivated. When Arnold had nothing left to prove in one field (bodybuilding) he set out to prove himself in another (movies, then politics). And he was absolutely successful in all areas he tried himself in. He has continuously challenged himself, and this attitude has always made him succeed in life.

Rule #10: Don’t be afraid to fail

Arnold was advised against putting his immense reputation on the line in another Olympia. But, as always, he reveled in the challenge and refused to let fear of defeat dissuade him. This had always been clearly reflected by his confident appearance on stage; no matter how tight the competition was, this attitude had always brought him an overwhelming success.

Rule #11: Ignore the nay-sayers

This applies to both those cautioning him against entering the ’80 Olympia and the chorus claiming he would never be more than a B-movie actor. “Pay no attention to people saying it can’t be done”, Arnold instructs.

Rule #12: Give something back

“Whatever path you take in your life, you must always find time to give something back” (editor’s note: to others), Arnold instructs. “Reaching out and helping people will bring you more satisfaction than anything else you have ever done.”

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