Bench Press

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The bench press stimulates the whole chest, the triceps, and the delts as well. Many bodybuilders believe that this exercise is the best for building huge pecs.


Starting position: lay on your back on a horizontal bench in an approx. shoulder-width grip. Grab the barbell with extended arms, lift the bar off the rack and bring it to the level of your nipples.

The repetition: slowly lower the barbell until it touches your chest in the line of your nipples. From this bottom position, push the bar back to starting position which will signal the end of one repetition.

Extra tips

Do not round your back, do not hold your breath. Inhale as you lower the bar, exhale as you lift. The negative (when you lower the bar) should be approx. two times slower than the positive (lifting the bar).

Do not lock out your elbows at top position. You will feel safer if you ask someone to stand on top of you in case you're unable to lift the bar off your chest.

This exercise can also be done with dumbbells.

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