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Perhaps many of you are familiar with this scenario: you work your guts out in the gym; you spend a lot of time working out and never skip a...
ALC (acetyl-L-carnitine) is widely used at all areas of life, because it has a positive effect on brain functions. No wonder that elderly pe...
A good workout of triceps starts with an exercise that uses the heaviest weights possible. These are compound exercises. Such exercises are:...
Is your “upper chest” (the upper part of the chest muscle) lagging behind? What it means and what you can do about it Here you go: the Upper...
In an ideal world, our cartilages would last until the end of our lives. But in reality, everyday load, bad eating habits, sports injuries a...
Phil Heath won the Mr. Olympia in 2011, defeating his former mentor Jay Cutler. But what kind of dietary and training regimen did the youn...