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Winter is alive and kicking, there is almost no sunshine at all, the weather is bad: this is the time when people get sick. So it's time to suit up if you don't want to suffer the same fate as others.

We talk about immune system boosting all the time. It may be boring, but bringing it up from time to time is important and needed. First, maybe we can share some thoughts which are new to some. Second, maybe you have read articles like this a thousand times, but I'm sure you didn't follow every advice all year round – with a few honourable exceptions. It's always good to refresh our memories.

For this very reason, we are going to mention here every easily accessible immune-boosting ingredients, which can help you avoid the inevitable, and to ride the bus/metro/tram, or just walk around crowded places happily and healthily in between individuals who got the flu already.

What is evident should not be discussed – not a single word about Vitamin C!

We don't want to get your brain melted with explaining "why Vitamin C is good for you" for a thousand time. Let's consider it a basic rule that during autumn and winter at least 2 to 3 grams of Vitamin C needs to be taken daily (professionals know that even a higher dosage is allowed, but let's be gentle in the beginning). This is not a plus which you can do for your health. This is the minimum. To say this is the entry to the club of healthy individuals.

Which should be evident, but it's not for everybody – take Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is at least as important as Vitamin C. On long term it is worth to take a higher dosage of Vitamin D to get the most of its many beneficial effects. The fact that Vitamin D taken at a higher dosage can boost the body's testosterone production is not negligible for men. At the same time don't expect miracles from it, we are talking about long-term effects, not about an instant jump in hormone levels. But if you take Vitamin D insistently, you will experience the positive effects of balanced hormone levels, such as vitality, libido, and of course, stronger immune system.

Nowadays doctors agree that 2000 IU of Vitamin D daily is not an overdose, on the contrary: it is needed to keep our health – we, at Builder recommend taking even more, up to 6000 IU of Vitamin D a day. Important addition: don't take Vitamin D just in winter, saying "this is the only time the sun don't shine". As we mentioned earlier, this is a crucial time to take Vitamin D, but the key is to take it continuously.

Do we even have to mention this again? Drink enough water!

We almost feel awkward that we have to write this down again, but we can't stress it enough: drink to stay healthy! In summer it is very easy to drink 3-4 litres of water, but on colder days it is also easy to forget about drinking. But water "flushes out" roughage from our system, and it helps to keep the metabolic processes of our cells at a certain level. In addition, one sauna session a week also has a positive effect on your health.

In wine there is truth, the health is in the gut!

The health of the gastrointestinal tract has a direct effect on our body's defensive system. If our gastrointestinal tract is not working properly, the absorption of essential nutrients won't be perfect either. In order words: you take vitamins and minerals in vain if they just won't get to the exact place where they're really needed.

You can support your gut's health with probiotics. By sticking to enterocytes, probiotics prevent harmful microorganisms to stick to our guts, and with their nutrient uptake, they also prevent the evolution of these pathogens. In order words, they flush out and starve these microbes to death. Besides all this, probiotics also help to produce compounds in gut lymphocytes which have a key role in generating macrophages. Simply put: probiotics help to create bacillus-eating cells :).

It's not a question: take probiotics if you wish to have a better immune system!

Versatile glutamine

Since 60% of our muscles are glutamine, take glutamine if you want to get muscular, take glutamine if you are dieting, or if you missed a meal, etc. Of course, no one likes to talk about how much glutamine goes to waste in the gastrointestinal tract. Okay, this sentence is not completely accurate. If we are only looking at building muscle mass, then yes, a lot of glutamine goes to waste, but now we're talking about boosting the immune system, and the glutamine that "went to waste", is actually in a very good place. Namely, glutamine is the favourite meal of intestinal and immune cells. Feed them, and you will be much healthier. If your soldiers are starving, they will fail in the battle.

Finally, here's a herb – long live the coneflower!

Let's face it: it is difficult to choose from this category. Type "herb" in Google and you will see that almost every herb is a cure for something. There's nothing wrong with this, but a lot of patience and time is needed to decide which one you should choose. If we would have to choose just one, our choice would be Echinacea. It helps the body to regenerate after respiratory illnesses, furthermore it is used for prevention and to boost the immune system as well. On top of all, it is very easy to get it.

So if you want to be nice with your body and you follow our bits of advice, take 1 grams of Vitamin C, 2000-4000 IU Vitamin D, one probiotic pill, one Echinacea pill in the mornings with your meal, drink them with 3-4 decilitres of water, in which there are 5 grams of L-Glutamine dissolved already. Repeat this procedure in the evening too, and also take 1 grams of Vitamin C with your lunch, and you should be about safe and fine.

This is a very basic and sustainable protocol which contains no unnecessary nonsense and is applicable to everybody. Of course some fine tuning could be used here as well, there are a lot of useful stuff which could supplement this protocol, but these nutrients are exceptionally important for your health.

Let this be winter different – avoid scheduled sickness!

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