Can't feel your lats during exercise? Here's the INSTANT solution!

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Do you always feel the pump in your arms during or following a back workout much better than in your back? We feel you. But we have the solution.

Maybe the problem is that you're just a beginner yet and you haven't developed the mind-muscle connection in your lats, but maybe you are an advanced lifter who needs a cheap accessory that is an instant game changer.

Let's face it. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the bodybuilding movie Pumping Iron, the pump is really one of the greatest and most satisfying feelings we can get in the gym. It means that the target muscle received enough stimulus and muscle growth will likely happen if your nutrition and sleep is high quality.

But what happens when you don't feel the pump? Well, to most gym goers, the hardest muscle group to pump up is the lats. Maybe this has already happened to you: you worked hard, gave everything you have, did 5 exercises and you didn't feel the pump in your back. Don't worry: you're not alone.

Why can't you feel the pump in your lats?

The number one reason for this is that the other muscles (namely the biceps and the forearms) involved in the back exercises help your lats way too much. They intend to be the good guys, but they won't let your lats do the job, and therefore they are causing trouble.

This is exactly why they say:

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

The number two reason could be that your forearms are too weak (this is especially true if you are a woman), and because of the weak handgrip, you can't work with as heavy weights as you would like, and your lats won't receive the stimulus they need for growth. The bar will "crawl" out your palms before the lats get tired.

And that is one of the most unsatisfying feelings you can get in the gym.

Here comes the instant solution!

You can do three things if your weakest link is your forearm, but one is much better than the others. If you are patient, you could let your forearms become stronger and stronger over time due to back training. However, this tactic will surely delay the development of your lats (for some time you won't be able to work with heavy weights until your forearms got stronger).

You are one step closer to the best solution if you incorporate forearm exercises into your workout plan. Just like the previous tactic, this one also takes a lot of time and effort, which you could have spent with strengthening and developing your back.

The best solution is buying a wrist wrap. With this cheap accessory you can lock your arms onto the barbell or dumbbell, hence you no longer have to use the power of your hand grip, you don't have to rely on the power of your forearms neither. Wrist straps allow you to fully concentrate on the back muscles – the ones you are targeting anyway.

When lifting heavy, always use the wrist straps, but you can skip wearing them in your warmup sets in order to let your forearms get stronger.

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