Can’t You Feel Your Biceps?

Can’t You Feel Your Biceps?

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For some reason, in the case of the biceps, you can often hear about the problem that people do not feel these muscles during workout. Let’s see a few tricks to eliminate this problem!

Reduce the weight

One of the most common reasons is that many use too much weight. If the weight is too heavy, other muscle groups will also join in to help the biceps out, so you cannot perform the exercise accurately. Keep in mind that the size of the biceps does not depend on the amount of the weight. True, you don’t have to work out with baby weights. However, do not use heavier weight than what enables you to do a reasonable number of reps in a strict form.

Technique does matter!

This is closely related to point #1. If you do not perform the exercises in a strict form, you cannot provide the necessary stimuli for your biceps. Bad technique can reveal itself in several ways: too much swing, too fast motion, incorrect position, or unintended movement of the arms (especially the elbows). Don’t forget to move the weights in a controlled manner throughout the exercise. In the negative phase, the weight should travel for about 2 seconds. Then, lift the bar or the dumbbell up in an explosive manner.

It is recommended to halt for a moment at the point of the peak contraction: there is hardly anybody who actually does this. You should not move your elbows in 99% of the curls. The only exceptions may be prone incline curls and narrow-grip pull-downs. If your elbows are moving (either back and forth or sideways) while doing conventional standing biceps curls, you can be pretty sure that you are not performing the exercise correctly. If your shoulders are burning while doing standing biceps curls, the weight you are using is most likely too heavy. Forget your ego for these few minutes!

If you were doing standard rep counts so far, now you might be shocked that we are not recommending 15 or 20 repetitions: we go way beyond that. In your first exercise – which should preferably be an isolation exercise (What a heresy!) which does not allow you to cheat –, you might even go up to 50 reps. It will burn. It will be painful. You will curse us, but one thing is for sure: once you get down to standing bicep curls after this exercise, you will definitely feel your biceps, at the point and in the way you should. We are not saying that these 50 reps (or more, if you are adventurous) will get you huge guns. But we insist that this is an awesome way to develop mind-muscle connection!

Use pre-workout igniters

If you haven’t tried such a product so far, now it is worth giving it a try, at least before your biceps workout. Enhanced blood circulation will cause your muscles to ignite, which will help you feel the target muscle better. And, if your biceps are weaker for genetic reasons, you can make use of the extra kick these products give you.

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Increase rep counts

It is possible that you cannot feel your biceps for genetic or structural reasons, even though you are keeping a strict form. In this case it can be useful to increase rep counts.

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