Close Grip Bench Press

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Close Grip Bench Press exercise stimulates mostly the chest (especially the 'inner parts' of it), but also the front delts and the triceps.


Grab the bar with a fairly narrow grip (a bit narrower than shoulder-width) while laying on the bench. Your feet must touch the floor for better stability. Extend your arms with the help of your shoulder muscles so you can lift the bar up and away from the rack. This will be your starting position.

Slowly lower the bar until it reaches and touches your chest (if your shoulder mobility allows this). Push the bar back slowly into starting position without any rest.

Extra tips

The wider your grip is, the more you stimulate the "outer parts" of the chest instead of the "inner parts". Do not let your shoulders do the job during this exercise, do not let them go forward as this can cause an injury in the shoulders in the long run. Also, do not fully extend and lock your arms at the starting position, because that puts unnecessary strain to your elbow joints.

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