Multi Liquid Basic (30 g.c.)

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Multi Liquid Basic (30 gelcaps)

Softgel capsules for good health with all the important minerals and vitamins plus ginzeng, luthein, and green tea.

Our complete multivitamin and mineral formula contains all antioxidants and amino acids, which perform a variety of functions necessary for health and wellness.

Vitamins are classified as either water-soluble or fat-soluble.

A healthy person has 13 vitamins: 4 fat-soluble (A, D, E, and K) and 9 water-soluble (8 B vitamins and vitamin C).

Water-soluble vitamins dissolve easily in water and, in general, are readily excreted from the body, to the degree that urinary output is a strong predictor of vitamin consumption.

Because they are not readily stored, consistent daily intake is important.

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 3 sogtgel

  Amount/serving DV %

Vitamin A 4998 IU 187,4%
Vitamin B1 99 mg 9000%
Vitamin B10 25 mg
Vitamin B12 25 µg 1000%
Vitamin B2 25 mg 1785,71%
Vitamin B3 25 mg
Vitamin B5 25 mg 416,67%
Vitamin B6 24 mg 1714,29%
Biotin 25 µg 50%
Vitamin C 500 mg 625%
Zinc 7,5 mg 75%
Vitamin D 1000 IU 500%
Vitamin E 201 IU 1126,05%
Folic Acid 400 µg 200%
Inozitol 50 mg
Calcium 273 mg 34,13%
Choline 50 mg
Chromium 25 µg
L-glutamic acid hydrochloride 12,5 mg
Magnesium 125 mg 33,33%
Manganese 2 mg 100%
Molibdenium 13 µg 26%
Copper 1000 µg 100%
Selenium 12,6 μg 22,91%
Iron 9 mg 64,29%

Please Note: We try to maintain our Food Supplements Label Database accurate, but manufacturers may change the composition and the label of products without notice as they change and develop them. For this reason we can not have liability for accuracy of data, and therefore they serve for informational purposes ONLY. We are constantly working on keeping them as accurate as possible.

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