Don't stress out!

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Well, at first glance, today's article will sound like we are talking against ourselves a little bit, but at second glance you will see that we are not talking against ourselves, all the talk is for you!

You get up in the morning, the second thing you do is to get down that good old protein shake with oatmeal, you put some flaxseed oil on the top of it, and maybe you also take some fish oil alongisde, just like you should. You swallow the multivitamin pill, maybe some extra aminos or creatine. You stay in the kitchen, just to put the chicken-rice combo in plastic boxes. When you step outside, you have at least 3 boxes of food in your bag, and a serving of protein powder in a shaker – just in case.

Time is ticking away, slowly but surely you deplete your food stack, the chicken breasts are flying into your mouth, the rice is running down your throat, you feel that everything is OK, this is how thing should be. Nothing interrupts you. After 3 hours it's time to eat again: no problem, you open a plastic box and you shovel down the cold chicken and rice in you face again. You are prepared for everything – you never stay without nutrients longer than three hours, otherwise you would catabolize your hard-earned muscles.

Then it suddenly happens. Traffic jam, delay, accident in the subway, stupid boss, overtime, you can't leave the class in time because of your teacher, so, doesn't matter what triggers it, but the catastrophe occurs:

the three hour period is over, and you are unable to eat…

The minutesare slowly passing by, and you can almost feel that your body instantly goes into muscle destruction mode. The most stubborn and the least responding muscles will be the first victims... Now you know that today's workout is fucked, you will be weak and flat. And only 3:30 minutes have passed so far. Soon it's going to be 4 hours since your last meal, and now all the progress that you made during the week will be wasted. You can almost feel your muscles are losing their fullness, and you do not feel that "you are the man" anymore. And if this starvation mode pairs with an unexpected physical activity, then it is really the end of the world.

And now imagine a very big virtual slap on your nape, and just relax a little!

We're going to tell you huge secrets. Take a look:

  • Your progress won't be lost if you miss a meal
  • There will be no tragedy if your day won't go as planned - even if you feel there will
  • If you eat junk food from time to time, the space-time continuum will not collapse
  • If you go out to play football, basketball on anything with your friends, you will not burn away all of your muscles - please use your brain: can a one or two-hour cardio session really ruin months and years of your work? Common sense, remember?
  • You don't have to live your life in constant stress in the shadow of your presumed bodybuilding career

From this we can conclude that if your girlfriend wants to go to see a movie, please do not go with her with a plastic box, for God's sake! And do not skip eating some popcorn or nachos with her just because you always follow a strict diet and meal plan (if you don't like nachos, that's a different story of course). And please, do not open your plastic box on the subway full of chicken, rice and broccoli, because it will smell like you farted. Organise your life so you can eat your meals after or before you travel. And don't be scared of some cardio, go and play with your friends without any worries.

Believe me: if you stick to a meal plan most of the time, and you follow the most important rules, then a little cheating will not ruin anything at all.

Of course, when you are a bodybuilding competitor in the middle of a contest preparation, then you can't cheat at all. Not once, But ask yourself truthfully: are you on a contest diet? Are you going to be a bodybuilding competitor one day? Is this your goal?

There you go. So don't stress out on your chicken-rice. Follow the traditional bodybuilding diet when you can, but don't stress about it all the time, sometimes just live like ordinary people, not like a stupid functional household machine.

Don't stress out. Work hard, eat neatly when possible, and when you can, live a 100% life!

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