Five-day split routine

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If you have enough time and all prerequisites of perfect recovery are met, it might be reasonable to undertake 5 workouts a week. But if you cannot eat right or provide the basic supplements for your system, you shouldn’t work out five times a week! And even if all conditions are met, make sure your workout is no longer than 60 minutes (or a maximum of 75 minutes).

A few rules of thumb for a five-day split routine

Each workout of this five-day split routine can be completed within an hour or less. Rest time between the sets should never exceed 2 minutes for large muscle groups and 1 minute for small muscle groups.

The spread in the recommended number of repetitions comes from the realistic assumption that in each set you will most likely be able to make less reps than you did in the previous one. That’s what we mean by 8-10 or 8-12 reps. You don’t need to reach (or exceed) failure in each set. But you should get to a point where you cannot make one more rep by yourself.

In the case of pull-ups, you should complete 50 reps in the least possible number of sets. It will be painful for the first time. It’s different than a “comfy-cozy” 5x10. But in the long run, you will be stunned by the progress you can achieve with this method.

Monday: Abs-Chest-Calves

Ab wheel: 4 x max rep
Incline press: 4x8-10
Dumbbell bench press: 4x8-10
Incline flyes: 3x10-12
Pull-over 3x12-15
Donkey calf raises: 4x10–15
Seated calf raises: 4x10–15

Tuesday: Legs

Squats: 4x6-8
Front squats: 4x8-10
Leg presses: 4x8
Sissy-squats: 3x10
Stiff-legged deadlifts: 4x8-10
Lying leg curls: 4x8–12

Wednesday: Abs-Back

Crunches: 4x25
Leg raises: 4x20
Pull-ups: 50 reps (in the least possible number of sets)
Close-grip pull-down: 4x10-12
T-bar rows: 4x8-10
Bent-over rows: 4x8-10

Thursday: Shoulders-Calves

Seated military press: 4x8-10
Lateral raises: 4x10-12
Bent-over lateral raises on an incline bench: 4x10-12
Shrugs: 4x8-15
Standing calf raises: 4x20
Seated calf raises: 4x20

Friday: Arms-Forearms

Standing EZ-bar bicep curls: 3x8-12
Seated alternating bicep curls: 3x10-12
Hammer curls: 3x8-12
Close-grip bench press: 4x6-8
Decline tricep extensions: 4x8-10
Overhead cable triceps extensions with rope: 4x10-12
Wrist curls: 3x max rep
Reverse wrist curls: 3 x max rep

Remember: this routine (and any other one) will ONLY work if you provide for your system all the nutrients it needs for growth and recovery! If you consider trying this routine, you might be somewhat familiar with bodybuilding. However, if you feel like you need to learn more, read our related article.

Have a good workout! Hit the gym hard!

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