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Glutamine (500 gr.)

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GLUTAMINE is 100% pure crystalline L-glutamine in a form of powder. L-glutamine takes part in many body processes.

Pure Glutamine in a crystalline powder form. Glutamine is the fastest synthesized amino acid in a human body and also the most represented amino acid in a muscle tissue. It is very useful to supplement it for athletes.

  • Pure, free form of L-glutamine
  • Glutamine is intended for: training supplementation, for intensive training athletes.

Recommended dosage:

Training days: the basic daily dose is 5 g (2 fl at teaspoons) after training. Another 5g dose can be taken in the evening before bedtime or during the day.

Non-training days: you can continue to use regularly 5 g twice a day. Take the last dose before bedtime. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Use: 5g = 2 flat teaspoons. Measure the recommended dose and stir it properly into a sports drink or water. Once opened, store at the temperature that does not exceed 25°C and consume within 4 months.

WARNING: Food supplement, formulated especially for athletes.
Does not replace a varied diet. Not intended for children, pregnant or nursing women. Keep out of reach of children! Store in a dry place, at the temperature that does not exceed 25 °C and away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Producer is not liable for any damage caused by improper use or storage.

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 5 g | 1 adagolókanál
Number of servings: 60/100

  Amount/serving DV %

Energia érték 85 kJ/20 kcal
Fehérje 5 g
Szénhidrát 0 g
Zsír 0 g
L-Glutamin 5 g

Please Note: We try to maintain our Food Supplements Label Database accurate, but manufacturers may change the composition and the label of products without notice as they change and develop them. For this reason we can not have liability for accuracy of data, and therefore they serve for informational purposes ONLY. We are constantly working on keeping them as accurate as possible.