How muscular do you have to be?

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Self-evaluation is a difficult topic to address. Many people want to meet the criteria of actual trends, we like to idealize unreachable physiques and fitness goals, but what is the reality?

The world has changed a lot. In the 80's there has been a certain kind of muscle cult which resulted in the huge popularity of bodybuilding in the 90's. Nowadays "bodybuilding" became even more popular, but unfortunately in a pussy way.

In the old days, if an individual was muscular, it was a unique, special phenomenon – the person was either appreciated or looked down on. Today – due to the toxic mirror we see on various social media platforms – people think that they have to be muscular too, just like their idols.

Who once was considered as an athlete – according to our standards – nowadays is the absolute confirmation of old day's stereotypes: the self-loving little bastard archetype.

Nowadays it's not about sports performance, it's about beauty. Everybody wants to look beautiful, wants to belong to the group of beautiful people: either to meet the skinny "cute boy trend" or to become a guy who thinks he is a brute and is flexing his muscles all the time. (bald guy with tattoos – sounds familiar, right?)

Everything is about the externalities.

Which is, of course, full of naive beliefs: if we are looking at the Superman-physiqued brutal bodybuilder level, most people never see these super-handsome stars in the offseason, especially not up close, in person.

Serious bodybuilding doesn't always necessarily have an aesthetics-improving effect but it has a distorting effect. That's why you shouldn't chase beauty goals in this to fix the problems with your self-confidence, professional bodybuilders are far away from the good looks and beauty: those who are disgusted by them, are not necessarily disgusted by their muscle mass, nor their bad smell and continuous farts. These things are often realities.

Back to what's important: while some mortals who are able to reach the physique of their dreams with a few tons of medication, most people can not. The question is, is this a problem?

When we were shooting BB.Tv with the most talented competitor of the world, I thought about what would he advise for those people who are not born with as great genetics (and of course possibilities) as him. Do everyone have to be muscular as hell?

Petar Klancir IFBB Pro bodybuilder's answer for this is definitely not.

"Be a realist", he advises. And it's not all about being realistic about whether or not you are capable of taking part in a competition with your genetics. Or can you gather enough money that is needed for competition or not, are you willing to give up some positive aspects of ordinary life or not.

It's all about the following: does packing unrealistically big muscles on yourself make sense, especially if the "efficiency" is bad – meaning you put too much energy into being unrealistically muscular and the maintenance of that physique (and let's be generous and leave doping out of the picture), while you just think that this matters, but in reality, nobody cares.

They don't care very much even when you're competing, because, in contrary to common belief, the sun won't shine more, you won't have more money and the sponsors won't knock on your door desperately all of a sudden.

All you can do is get in the long queue of personal trainers, find your way to a fancy gym where you can "personally train" 6 people at once while constantly looking at your phone – if this is the career you're looking for, go ahead. But let's understand it finally: this isn't the right way for everybody. Not everyone will become a star trainer; not everybody's gonna be a star competitor; the community does not only need bodybuilding champs and personal trainers, it also needs "ordinary people", who aren't "less" than these stars because they are not so muscular.

All this does not mean that you don't have to go to the gym. Does not mean that you don't have to set big goals.

Does not mean that you can't dream big.

But it means that not everyone is born to be a champion bodybuilder, and you have to accept that. It means that you have to set goals realistically and smartly. There are shitloads of teenagers who have been training for two weeks and want to become world champions.

In my opinion, we have to think about what do we want from life.

If we don't want to become world champions, what sense does this make?

How muscular should we be? What should we expect of ourselves?

What is the expectable physique? That is a realistic question. But unfortunately, we cannot specify that because there is not an ideal physique for everyone. Everybody looks different. It would be easy to say that someone should weigh at least x kilograms according to his or her height with a maximal amount of body fat percentage. We weren't speculating about this because we are afraid that it would probably turn out to be something stupid like BMI, the ideal body weight calculator.

On the other hand, we can define a minimum in sports performance. A man should be able to bench press his body weight 10 times. Should be able to squat with his body weight 10 times. Should be able to deadlift his bodyweight 10 times. Should be able to do 10 Chest-o-Bar-Pull-Ups, 10 Dips with proper form, twenty Roman Chair Abdominal Crunches using proper form and range of motion, fifty push-ups. Should be able to walk 30 kilometers without breaking a sweat, should be able to run 5 kilometers. These are just the minimum requirements what you must be able to do even when they wake you up in the middle of the night (okay, you are allowed to warm up). The duck-faced selfies and the brush-like hairstyles, and things you didn't have to work for (like daddy's money, wasp-waisted genetics, handsomeness) does not belong to minimum requirements at all, to say the least.

These are not unrealistic goals, but at the same time, an ordinary guy who doesn't do sports cannot do them, I assure you. And 90% of people still do not like to do sports, no matter how many new gyms are opened. Often times who goes to the gym do not do sports either.

A physique does not only means the looks, but also sports performance: this is what the Instagram shi*tgeneration tends to forget, but some people are amazed by looking at someone twitching with fake weights.

A 20-inch arm is not needed at all unless this is your goal and you are capable of thinking about why do you need it other than showing it off for other people.

You should not feel an inferiority complex if you aren't extremely muscular. You have to be physically fit and not be a pussy, you should have a basic strength, and performance level, which you can use in everyday life too. And you shouln't be a pussy when you're a girl neither.

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