L-Carnitine Fitness Support (100 tab.)

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L-Carnitine 500mg (100 tabl)

L-Carnitine Fitness Support Description

The Cranitine is a complex amino acid which in the human body formed from two essential amino acids: lysine and methionine. Healthy people's body produce the required quantity, but the heart patients or athletes need higher dose so they have to collect it from separate supplements.

The bodies energy production occurs in the mitochondria cell where the long-chain fatty acids can only get through with carnitine. The organism is capable of producing carnitine, if it has sufficient amounts of iron, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6, as well as the two amino acids (lysine and methionine) are present in the food.

L-carntitin use:

  • Burn fat and energize your muscles with this popular amino acid
  • A favorite of bodybuilders and dieters
  • Helps promote a lean, muscular body


Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 1 tabletta
Number of servings: 100

  Amount/serving DV %

L-Carnitine 500 mg

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