On a Diet, Food's too Dry? Here's the Solution!

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Gaining a bit of excess fat can happen to the best of us sometimes – Christmas, quarantine, getting lazy, etc. Us, athletes care about our physique more than a regular citizen, and we go "on a diet" more frequently, even when we are not overweight.

Although we like to mention from time to time that even a weight-loss diet should be enjoyable, because if it isn't, it won't take long because you won't be able to stick to it.

Yes it's possible to find the foods you like while dieting, but you have to make some sacrifices if you want those six-pack abs.

On one hand, getting lean comes with a lot of sacrifices because you can't eat everything you desire, and on the other hand, it requires a lot of self-discipline as we have can't avoid certain foods.

The legendary chicken breast-rice combo, for example, will never go out of fashion, it proved its effectiveness in both bulking and dieting countless times. It has a couple of drawbacks: it's dry, pretty much tasteless, and boring. We know you eat it like this most of the time:

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can make even this dry combo enjoyable.

Of course, breading, putting cheese or fatty or sugary sauces on top, adding some mashed potatoes to the rice, etc. is out of the question as these contain a LOT of unwanted macronutrients that will make your efforts in the gym ineffective. Well, while this sentence may have been 100 percent correct 10-15 years ago, it's not completely accurate in 2020.

Thanks to the continuously evolving nutrition science, the manufacturers can produce the weight-loss compatible versions of traditionally fattening. Now we'd like to draw your attention to a certain thing which probably didn't cross your mind yet.

The Zero Sauces:

BioTechUSA recently launched sauces you can eat even during the whole time of your weight-loss diet, on a daily basis, without any guilt.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of sauces, I never liked them. It's like my body knows they are very fattening. They look at me strangely when I ask them not to put any sauce in my hot dog: just the bun and the meat.

Zero shenanigans, total shock

My whole approach to sauces has changed after tasting a Zero Sauce in the office the other day just for fun. The ease I was able to eat my chicken and rice with, was literally shocking to me.

The next shock occurred when I checked the label (this was the mustard flavor, every flavor is slightly different) on the back, more precisely, the ingredients. 28 calories, next to 0 grams of fat (!), zero sugar, a good amount of fiber (2.7 grams) in 100 ml. How can a sauce contain this little fat?

The caesar dressing flavor contains even fewer calories, but I didn't really like its taste (it's a small miracle I found the mustard flavor delicious), but my colleague, who generally likes sauces, found it great.

This product is "diet-compatible" by all means because it's even a good fit alongside a ketogenic diet too.

It may sound surprising after all this, but these sauces may even be more beneficial if you're bulking than if you're dieting.

Because, what happens if you are bulking? You have to eat the same things, but more. Therefore, you can't avoid eating chicken and rice neither. You shouldn't eat junk food when bulking, as this leads to unhealthy weight gain and you're going to have to work more during your diet.

There are a lot of hardgainers who have a problem increasing their body weight because the food is just too dry and boring. If this sounds familiar to you, these sauces will be your new best friends.

Don't wait no more. Pick your favorite flavor, try it out, and enjoy your faithful companion throughout the whole year!

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