Reverse body dysmorphia – where are we heading?

Reverse body dysmorphia – where are we heading?

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”Builder will cry down again, they are grumbling about something again, they have definitely picked out someone to disparage.” Some will definitely think that. Well, the situation is a bit more complex. There will surely be people who get caught up in the message of this article - we advise them to take a deep breath, read the article again and interpret what they have read before expressing their negative feelings towards us in writing. Thank you in advance.

Let’s look around a bit in the streets – we don’t even need to go to the beach, it’s very hot at the time of writing the article, clothes are getting tinier and they cruelly make a lot visible. Everything. And let’s admit it: there’s a lot to be seen. A little bit of fat here, a bit more there, neglected bodies everywhere. In this article, we don’t want to disapprove of people who don’t care about their bodies for some reason. They can have numerous reasons. Starting from health reasons (which are the rarest), through lack of time (or rather an alleged lack of time, but this is another issue), to the fact that people are not concerned about their bodies. Their bodies, their lives. However, there is a huge problem regarding this, which I have always seen, but only perceived when I ran into a comment fight on Facebook (not on our page).

What’s considered normal and what’s abnormal?

Believe it or not, the world has changed a bit. Or rather, the world has turned inside out. In the name of tolerance, we accept all phenomena, tolerate everyone’s problems and accept all things as socially tolerable that previously used to be abnormal or even detrimental. We might say this is what our civilization is like, intelligent people don’t pick at others for being different. The root of the problem isn’t this. The root of the problem is that tolerable becomes natural, and what’s natural and exemplary is becoming rare.

But let’s take a look at this phenomenon concerning healthy lifestyle, nutrition and sports.

You go to the beach, you look good, and people stare at you - because they do. That’s not a problem. Let's see the main thoughts that emerges in an ordinary person’s mind: “He only cares about his body”, “His life is all around his body”, “Of course, it’s easy if you have time for it”, “I bet he cannot relax, this is on his mind 0-24”, and so on. However, if a 30+ potbellied man or woman passes by, most people do not bat an eyelid, as this is "normal".

Sorry. Sorry, but this is NOT normal. This is the usual, what we have got used to. That’s a huge difference. And this is the root of the problem. We don’t even realize if people let themselves go after a certain age (even more sad that being paunchy perfectly accepted - sorry, normal - among a younger generation, too). We don’t even think about it as being an unnatural condition. We don’t think this should be different. However, if someone is out of the line and doesn’t assimilate into this "mass", then something’s wrong. They must be out of their minds.

Reverse body dysmorphia. What does that mean? Body dysmorphia is often attached to those who care about their bodies. This might also have abnormal forms, of course. However, what’s a good example of reverse body dysmorphia if not being perfectly satisfied with your body when having at least about 10kg in plus? Is this okay? Is this normal? Let’s point it out once again: it does not hurt us if someone has a little (or a bit more) excess. People can do to their bodies whatever they want. But if you think that this is normal, you really need to realize that the world has turned inside out. For whatever reason. Actually, this is not normal.

People tend to position themselves above the animal kingdom. We are thinking, sentient and (theoretically) intelligent beings. Though, humanity keeps belying the latter, but this could be the topic of another article. Compared to us, you will never see fat or obese individuals among animals. Before someone comes to me with seals: fat has a certain role. Animals instinctively know what they need so that they bodies can function well. By people, our highly appreciated consciousness, unfortunately, suppresses this instinct, and we eat all the cr@p that come to us. And we consider it normal. We cannot rely on our instincts. But there are some people who deliberately try to reverse this trend, or at least defend themselves from these harms of civilization. Are they oddballs? Are they “abnormals”, and everyone else gobbling all sorts of rubbish without any kind of consciousness, listening to false instincts and disregarding their health - not talking about physique - are they the normal majority?

No, no and no. Things have changed, unfortunately. We might have got accustomed to and tend not to even realize if someone's body gets out of shape. But do not consider it normal, because it is NOT.

Love who you are, blah blah

My favorites are “loving yourself” and “accepting your look”, and living your life in an alleged happiness. Firstly, this is not true in 90% of the cases; secondly, why should you accept your look? Would it be bad if someone got frustrated by his own mirror image? Would it be normal for someone to accept expectable diabetes or cardiovascular disease deriving from his lifestyle? Is it normal for someone to accept that he can not run 10 meters after a bus, because he's spitting his lungs out? Is this what you should love? Really?

We don’t say that you will be a better person if you look good. This won’t make you better than the others. We don’t claim that. We only say that - and I know that many people will not understand it - that accepting a plump, neglected, unhealthy body, and all the encouragement to do this poisons our society - mentally and healthily, as well. Because it teaches us not to change, but to peacefully accept what we have, because change is unnecessary. Like sheep. It teaches us to put up with the fact if our health condition starts irretrievably sloping after x years.

What future does the accepted have for us?

Is this what we want? Living in a spiritually and physically corrupted society (though this question may be rhetorical)? In a society where people accept everything and the abnormal suddenly becomes normal, accepted and “tolerated”, and those who live their lives normally - and in this case, normal refers to the life which people should REALLY live in an ideal world - will be treated as oddballs?

Reverse body dysmorphia. When beer belly becomes natural. What’s more, masculine! We become at peace with our extra pounds, because mentally everything is so fine. Don’t you feel that it’s a bit thwarting? Those who do not hide their abdominal walls under fat over age 30-35 are oddballs, insane, frightened and narcissistic self-admirers. Yeah, sure. It’s easier to believe it than to imagine that someone can do against assimilating into a crowd that a person of sound mind does not want to belong to. And it’s not about the looks. A good look is a side effect of a certain lifestyle. Of a lifestyle to be followed.

But you know what? It doesn’t hurt us. Just be pot-bellied if you want. Pile up excess weight if it doesn’t matter to you. Not everyone should care about their physique. Just think a bit about what you consider normal.
Or natural.
Or something to be followed.

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