Scitec Ami-NO Xpress: Flagship of Stimulant-Free Boost

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Scitec gave us a few boxes of AmiNO Xpress, a stimulant-free mid-workout booster to test it and write about our experience (if any) in black and white. So, we did not delay: we tried it, and below you can read our experience!

All of the test subjects used the product for weight training. All of us used basic supplements beside this product: protein, vitamins and extra BCAA, basically. Some of us used other traditional boosters before workout, while others tried it “naturally”. Some of us applied it before workout, others during workout. Now let’s see the results!


The design is the regular Scitec design; nothing special above the traditional design elements. This means, the packaging is professional and the name of the product clearly indicates its effects.

Ingredients and expectable effects

Many of our customers keep asking us whether we have any stimulant-free booster products. Because, many people are sensitive to caffeine, and they may not want to concoct their pre-workout supplements themselves. Scitec now offers a ready-made option. The prevailing ingredient is the BCAA complex, in a 2:1:1 proportion for leucine. And, as something new, it also contains 2.5 grams of betaine. This is definitely an innovation. Below you can read the thoughts of our expert Jerk:

Betaine’s mechanism of action is quite complex. But one of the most important facts is that it can drastically enhance creatine synthesis in the muscles. This means, you can load the phosphocreatine supplies of your muscles even for heavy training, without taking creatine. Another benefit is that it hydrates the muscle cells: it increases cell volumes and blood flow, which enable your muscles to feel pumped during workout, even without extra arginine. Similarly to beta-alanine, betaine can also delay muscle fatigue. This would be the primary purpose of beta-alanine, but the effects of these two active substances are added up in this product, which enables you to train much more intensely, and your muscles will feel much more pumped. Meanwhile, the rest of the amino acids can enter the muscles freely during workout (even though not in very large amounts). The concept of the product is really well thought out. The composition of the ingredients is close to perfect, and this also shows in the effects of the product.

Plus, it contains a sufficient amount of the well-tried citrulline malate, supported with 500 mg of arginine, which we found a little a bit low. However, we should not forget about the above-mentioned synergy (when certain substances enhance each other’s effects). It also contains a recovery matrix, with a combination of amino acids, vitamin C and minerals. Although you won’t “feel” this part of the product, it’s a huge benefit that these compounds are included. What we expected from this product: to delay fatigue and provide extra muscle pump and drive for workout, without the cranking effect that is typical of stimulant products. It is important to point out that this product does not even contain creatine (see the above phrases on betaine). So, even if you are afraid of getting watery (which is, by the way, generally strongly over-reacted), you don’t need to worry this time. What is more important: even if you have problems with your blood pressure, you can take it without restrictions. Because creatine is not recommended in this case, just for you to know. Another benefit of Ami-NO Xpress is that it has zero carbs, so feel free to take it even if you are dieting.

Taste, solubility, texture, smell

The product has an excellent taste. It may be a little intense, depending of the amount of water. But if you use 500 ml or more, as per the recommendation, the result will be a beverage with a pleasant and refreshing taste. Both the mango and the ice tea flavors are more than fine! There is no problem with solubility either. You need to stir a bit though, because of the BCAA complex, but this is a characteristic of this specific substance, not a failure of the product itself. No one of us had any trouble dissolving it.

Scitec Nutrition Ami-NO Xpress test

Effects after the first few times

We have tested the product in several different ways. As for myself (coller), I’ve been thinking hard on how to try it. As a massive stimulant addict, I decided not to change my regular protocol, so I took my regular pre-workout supplements and used Ami-NO Xpress during workout, so I can get a realistic idea whether this product brings any change apart from what I am already used to. By the way, the recommendation on the box says you should drink it during workout, but don’t let this mislead you: this stuff is perfect as a pre-workout supplement as well. Maybe even better. As for myself, when I started to drink it mid-workout, I experienced the desired effects only at the end of my workout. This had a positive side, too: right when I was about to snap, the product “saved me”: it pumped my muscles and put an end to fatigue. But if you want to feel these blessing all along your workout, you should definitely chug it 10, or better 20 minutes before workout. Basically, all the guys who tried the product pre-workout reported positive effects. Bulging veins, pumped muscles, diminished fatigue: basically everything you can expect from this type of product. Besides me, there was another guy who drank it mid-workout, but just in itself, without the stimulants. However, he experienced the same effects.

Effects after finishing a whole box

This product has just been released, so we cannot say anything useful on this matter yet. But since you can develop tolerance to stimulants, we may presume that in the case of Ami-NO Xpress, you don’t need to fear that its effects would decrease in time (or, not to such an extent as it happens in the case of stimulants).

Summary and recommendations

This product is definitely filling a gap. Its ingredients are quite alright, even though some tyrosine, ALC and maybe ginseng could have been added to make it a real “stimulant-free booster”. However, it gives you what you can expect from a product of this kind. All in all, we finished the Scitec Ami-NO Xpress test with positive impressions. But actually, we have not finished it: we keep on trying it in all forms and combinations you can imagine.

The price is not sky-high at all: a box will last for about a month or more, counting with 4 workouts a week. So, it scored 9 out of 10 for us. If it had contained one or more compounds of the “stimulant-free booster” blend, it could have definitely scored 10/10!

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