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Muscle Army Shaker

The era of leaking shakers is over: this is the Muscle Army screw shaker, which is much safer than its predecessors in terms of portability and shaking. Scitec Products are not dissolving faster in them than BioTech products, and you won't grow slower if you mix your protein shake in a cup of glass instead. But you will appreciate the feeling of safe shaking when you accidentally pour the shake from the cup of glass on your clothes :). There's no such danger if you're using Muscle Army shakers. In exchange, you will get a cool looking shaker which locks reliably.

Primarily I bought it for its looks, I like the military theme. I have ordered from both versions. There was no surprise, it is no different than other Scitec shakers, it is massive and it can be locked well. You can't see through the dark version in low light (in bright sunshine you can), but if you have experience, this won't be a problem for you. :)

All right, sometimes it does leak, but only one shaker out of a thousand. We won't lie to you. But this is a consumable tool, because if you forget to wash it after use, it will be impossible to save it, and you will throw it to the trash before you lose the writing on it :) Oh yes, one more thing: the dark version is not transparent at all (the lighter version is hard to see through too), so we offer this shaker for the experienced. If you don't measure things, this shaker can be your ideal choice. Shakers come and go, but the motto will always remain the same:

Drink shakes!

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