So you want more muscles? Stretch!

So you want more muscles? Stretch!

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Getting muscles ain't easy, we know that by experience. But only a few people know that with the most underrated area of bodybuilding and fitness, they could attain more muscle mass. That is stretching. What? You can actually get more muscles with stretching? In this article, we'll tell you how is that possible.

Why did bodybuilders get "famous" for their stiffness and why people still say they are so big they can't even wipe their butts? Not because it is written in law that a muscled man must be inflexible. The best example is Tom Platz, who had arguably the greatest legs in bodybuilding history, but at the same time he was flexible as a professional gymnast:

And if he is not the perfect example for you, let me introduce you Ronnie Coleman, who was again arguably the best bodybuilder ever. He did epic splits anytime he wanted to, even while competing at the Mr. Olympia show:

They are muscular, right? And they are also flexible as a rubber band. How is this possible if every bodybuilder is stiff in theory? Is it magic? Nope. Were they born like this, it's pure genetics? Not at all.

I'll tell you why: they did something. What exactly? They didn't neglect stretching like most people do.

Do you think flexibility is useless in bodybuilding because you won't grow better because of it? You are completely wrong.

This is what happens to your muscles during working out: you pump blood into them with the weights, which will pump them up. This is not only a great feeling, but it will also increase the quantity of nutrients that can flow into your muscles, and eventually, they can grow bigger. However, this process has one downside. Your muscles will be hardened, shortened, their range of motion will be decreased, and over time you'll be able to recruit fewer and fewer muscle fibers to the exercise when you're working out. I think you already know what that means: smaller muscles.

But the good news is, you can avoid this scenario with a little care.

The solution: stretch between sets!

Instead of looking at hot women or your mobile device between sets in the gym when resting, do something really useful. 30 seconds will do the trick – that is more than enough time to stretch out your muscles that you are working on.

Extra muscles with very little effort – sounds good, right?

And don't you worry about getting weaker because of stretching between rest periods, because even when this happens to a small degree, remember that you are not at a powerlifting world cup. Weight doesn't matter that much. If you want to make sure, do not stretch either of your muscles longer than 15 seconds intensively, because if you do that, muscle hypoxia can occur, meaning your muscles will be out of oxygen, and they will be weaker for sure.

What are you waiting for?

Start it today!

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