Tropical Blue mans T-shirt

BioTech USA
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Tropical Blue mans T-shirt

Sometimes the most simple things are the most awesome ones. No need for fancy things when just one label and one color combination says it all? The Slim-Fit tailoring and the Biotech label of the T-shirt make perfectly clear who the user is. He is not just a man of the street, he is much more than that. He is an athlete, who does whatever it takes to reach his goals!

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BiotechUSA V-Neck T-Shirt
I've bought this shirt because i was in need of a good solid t-shirt for gym use. I use Biotech supplements all the time so i went for this t-shirt to do some brand promotion while i'm at the gym. The shirt is of exceptionally good quality, for the price you are paying you will not find a branded t-shirt like this. The fabric is of good thick quality and the stichting is nice and straight everywhere. The prints are good as well, i have already washed my shirts 3 times in the 1 week i own them and no sign of wear. The sizing is of average t-shirt size. I normally have XL and this shirt fits exactly as supposed to. Thumbs up for Shopbuilder for the great custoimer service and the fast delivery.

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