Take Your Biceps to a new Level With These 3 Tricks!

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Many gym-goer do the same training routine over and over again, that's why their biceps aren't growing continuously. As Arnold said himself before, you have to shock your muscles. Because your muscles know you very well. They know which exercises you like to do.

They're almost bored to death that you always start with EZ-bar curls, then you walk to the dumbbell rack to do some alternated curls, and after that, you finish your workout with the usual hammer curls. SO boring!

Why is this a problem?

Because whatever you do, over time, you'll become better at it because of the improvement of your motor skills. After a relatively short while, the same workout plan won't give you the results, your muscles won't respond to them the same way, even if the plan is without any flaw. The human body can adapt exceptionally well – never forget this.

That's why you must try out completely new things from time to time, to shock your muscles so that they won't have a choice, but to grow.

The first trick: "stato-dynamic" workout

You don't have to be scared of this new term, the concept is very simple. Here's what you have to do:

1. the exercise will be regular biceps curls with dumbbells
2. do the curl until your forearms are parallel to the floor
3. keep this static position for a good 15-30 seconds (start with 15, increase by 5 second every week until you reach 30) and flex your biceps
4. after this, lower the dumbbells back to starting position and continue with the regular execution of the exercise

That's all!

If you don't feel your biceps during training, it's strongly recommended to implement this technique to your training routine.

This is basically a pre-exhausting method with a fancy name, but you can do it at the end of your workout too. It works with almost every exercise but only do it only one time per workout.

Why is this something new? Well, almost no one in the gym does isometric strength training, although in real life it is needed to do almost every day. You know: holding heavy shopping bags until you get them home, carrying furniture, etc. So this "stato-dynamic" method will not only grow your biceps faster, but it will also make you "more suited" for real life :).

2nd trick: start your biceps workout with a back exercise: close-grip chin-up!

Don't you worry, we didn't go crazy, you do not have to change your biceps workout so drastically that it will become a back training.

The exercise we advise you do start your workout with is the supinated close-grip chin-up. Because this is a very hard, energy-requiring, multi-joint movement, it's worth to do it first, when you have the most energy (glucose in your muscles). It may sound shocking to you, but this back exercise activates and stimulates the biceps more than most isolation-type biceps exercise if your palms are facing up (and not towards eachother) during the movement.

The only problem is, you must be able to do 6-10 repetitions. This could be too much to some, too little for others.

There's a solution for both.

On one hand, you can hang an extra weight on your body to make it more challenging, or you can execute the movement on a cable machine with lighter loads than your own bodyweight. The latter is basically the same movement, only the name of the exercise is different (Narrow reverse grip pulldown), so don't let that confuse you.

3rd trick: developing the brachialis

When it comes to biceps workout, not only do you have to train two muscle groups (hence the term bi-ceps), but three: the inner head, the outer head, and the brachialis. The latter is needed for curls too and most of the time it doesn't get the attention it really needs. If it is underdeveloped, don't worry, cheer up: if you start training an underdeveloped muscle in your arm, your arms will look bigger than ever before. So this is an opportunity.

You can train your brachialis with the infamous hammer curls, but with any type of neutral grip and reversed grip curls too. Pay attention to the negative, as it must be slower here than usual.

Try out the Zottman curl:

1. grab two dumbbells, lower them to next to your body with your palms facing up – this will be your starting position
2. curl your arms fully until the peak contraction
3. upon reaching the top position, stop the movement and rotate your arms so that your palms will face down
4. with this new hand position, lower the dumbbells back to starting position
5. here, rotate your arms so that your palms are facing up again
6. repeat

All in all, workout plan

To actually make a point here, here's your new biceps workout plan:

1. supinated close-grip chin-up or narrow reverse grip pulldown (1 warmup set, 3 working sets, 6-10 reps)

2. "stato-dynamic" bicep curls on an incline bench (3 sets, 8-12 reps)

3. Zottman curls 3x10

Side note: don't do your back workout right after or before this biceps workout. Muscles need at least 24-48 hours to recover, and since your biceps are working hard during your back workout, they won't have time to heal themselves properly.

This article was inspired by T-nation.com.

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