The „Antidote” of Chicken & Rice

The „Antidote” of Chicken & Rice

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If you're sick and tired of the mighty combination of chicken and rice, and you'd like to cook something that's diet-friendly but also easy to consume during bulking, then this recipe was made just for you!


  • 200 g of basmati rice
  • 500g of minced turkey
  • 450 g of frozen broccoli
  • coconut oil
  • spices

Step by step directions

1. Cook the rice: roast it a bit on some coconut oil first, pour some salt on it, boil twice as much water (400 ml for 200 g rice) and when it boils, remove the pan from the heat and let the rice swell.

2. Heat some coconut oil and roast the meat in it while adding some salt, pepper and any spice you'd like, including basil or garlic.

3. In the meantime, start boiling the frozen broccoli in slightly salted water.

4. Mix the rice together with the meat, and when the broccoli is done, chop it to small pieces and mix everything together. The result will be a nice and delicious dish that can be put into plastic boxes easily.

Nutritional Information

  • Energy: 1250 calories
  • Protein: 132 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 158 grams
  • Fat: 10 grams (depends on the amount of coconut oil you used)

And last, but not least, here's how to make this food on tape, just to make things even easier for you!

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