The secret of Stallone

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Hollywood stars can do miracles for a role. True: more money means more opportunities. We might never know what goes on behind the scenes. But you should not believe you can achieve anything in Hollywood without hard work!

Remember Stallone’s astonishing transformation? He could bulk up a remarkable amount of muscle for his age. We’ll se how.

Sylvester Stallone has always been familiar with building and keeping a gorgeous physique. Throughout his career, he has always been one of the stars with the best physiques, so it was no surprise that he could show off a remarkable shape in the last sequel of Rocky.

To cut a long story short, the secret lies in shocking the body with variable load and having the right diet and supplements.


  • Achieving the best physique – no truancy or exceptions for 5 weeks

  • Perfect diet for 6 days of the week – no truancy or exceptions

  • One cheat meal per week is allowed, provided that everything else goes on as planned

  • Compound exercises and general direct and indirect workout for each body part each week

  • Taking 5 compulsory supplements consistently and on a regular basis

  • 6 cardio workouts per week, with progressive load. Just doing cardio every now and then is worth nothing. You should progress!


  1. Whey protein/casein: After workout and before going to bed, to facilitate recovery

  2. BCAA: To prevent muscle catabolism and ensure anabolism and constant energy supply

  3. Glutamine: To ensure your body gets everything it needs for building muscles. Remember: Glutamine is the most important protein regulator. Or we might call it the security guard at the gates of the muscles. If it is not present in sufficient amounts, your system will withdraw it from your muscles, together with BCAA.

  4. Creatine: To ensure there is more ATP at hand for workout and more water is supplied to the muscles. Hydrated muscle cells are the key to provide adequate environment for anabolic processes.

  5. Omega-3 fatty acids: For healthy joints, for body fat control and for the health of the cardiovascular system.

How much?

  1. Whey/casein: 50 g of whey after workout and 50 g of casein before going to bed, with 1 tablespoonful of peanut butter to slow down digestion and provide adequate amino acid supply for your system

  2. BCAA: 10 g before, during and after workout, that is 30 g altogether

  3. Glutamine: same as BCAA

  4. Creatine: 5 g before workout and 10 g after workout

  5. Omega-3 fatty acids: 2 g at breakfast, lunch and dinner

Diet regime

  1. meal:

    – 50 g of protein (whey or egg whites)

    – 10 g of healthy fat

    – 50 g of complex carbs

  1. meal:

    – 50 g of protein (from whole food)

    – 1 portion of fruit

  1. meal:

    – 30 g of complex carbs

    – 50 g of protein (from whole food)

    – 10 g of healthy fat

  2. meal (before workout)

    – 1-2 spoonful(s) of whey protein

    – 1 portion of fruit

  3. meal (after workout)

    – 25 g whey / 25 g casein

    – 60 g of simple carbs

  4. meal

    – 50 g of lean protein or protein from fatty source like salmon or dry steak

    – any green vegetable

  5. meal, before going to bed

    – 2 spoonfuls of casein

    – 1 tablespoonful of natural peanut butter

Training regime

(For further workout tips, click here)

Monday – chest

  • Incline press 3 x 8-10

  • Incline flyes 3 x 8-10

  • Dips using your own bodyweight, 3 x until failure

  • Pullover 2 x 12

Tuesday – legs

  • Clean and jerk 5 x 5

  • Squat 3 x 10

  • Partial deadlift (the barbell should be laid on the safety side bars of a squat stand; you should start the movement from this point in order to avoid injuries) 5 x 5

  • Stiff legged deadlift 2 x 10

  • Standing calf 2 x 50

  • Jump rope: For 3 minutes non-stop. Increase by 1 minute each week (if you cannot make it for 3 minutes non-stop, do a total of 3 minutes)

Wednesday – biceps and shoulders

  • Dumbbell / barbell curls 4x10

  • Dumbbell bicep curls on Scott bench 3 x 8-10

  • Shoulder press 4 x 10

  • Side lateral raise 4 x 10

  • Bent-over lateral raise

Thursday – triceps

  • Close-grip bench press 4 x 10

  • Skull crusher 3 x 10

  • Dips using your own bodyweight, 2 x until failure

Friday – back

  • Wide-grip pull-down 2 x 10

  • Pull-ups using your own bodyweight, 2 x until failure

  • T-bar rows (drop sets) 1 x 10; then reduce the weight by 30% and push it until failure

  • Low cable rows 4 x 12

  • Reverse cable crossover (drop sets) 1 x 10, then reduce the weight by 30% and push it until failure

Cardio workout

20 minutes of cardio in 1-munite intervals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You should progress each week, let it be of increasing level, the number of kilometers, inclination etc, depending on the type of cardio workout. On Tuesday (leg day), there is no cardio. On Thursday and Saturday, walk at least 45 minutes uphill on a 10-degree slope. Remember to increase speed and angle each week, even if only by a tenth.

Follow this regime for 5 weeks. Eat right and make sure you get enough rest, too. This is an intense regime and it will trigger radical changes in your body.


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