Train like Navy SEALs!

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Navy SEALs are really tough guys. They have to hold on in all kinds on different circumstance. And they have to maintain a constant state of physical and mental preparedness so they can be mobilized any time. In this short article we are presenting you a short and time-efficient, yet terribly tough workout. We have tried it, too!

Train like Navy SEALs!

Navy SEALs are really tough guys. They have to hold on in all kinds on different circumstances. And they have to maintain a constant state of physical and mental preparedness so they can be mobilized any time. The secret of sharp physique and endurance does not lie in top secret Hollywood training methods as you can see in the movies. It’s only hard work, blood, sweat and tears. In this short article we are presenting you a short and time-efficient, yet terribly tough workout. We have tried it, too!

Uncle Sam: We want YOU!

It’s high time you put an end to lazy winter days and start working on your shape! Alright, we don’t want to persuade you to join the army right now. But the truth is, a good workout routine and, in some cases, a diet, too form an integral part of each nation’s military training program. We are not talking about Hungary. We still have a lot to learn.
Instead, let’s see another example: a “blitzkrieg” workout from the program of the probably most efficient military force in the world: the U.S. Navy SEALs!

The concept

Taking a look at some videos or photos of Navy SEALs, the first thing that will strike the eye is that most of them do not possess spectacular muscle mass (sorry, Cedric) but a sharper and more symmetric physique; as functionality matters more than appearance. The impact of weight training to strength or muscle mass (remember the stereotype of “pumped” muscles) or endurance is unquestionable. However, it is important to point out that Navy SEAL training is rather based on hybrid training methods than weight training only. This includes field training exercise (FTX), hours of marching, calisthenics workout or even martial arts.With a program of this kind, you can make use of all the advantages of weight training. The most popular training methods put a heavy load on the cardiovascular system as well. This means, they are short but very intense, while providing targeted load for the muscles, too.
All in all, the ultimate goal is the lowest possible body fat, brutal endurance and “fightworthy” strength. As you might have guessed, this program is not meant for beginners, but rather for ones who have already made it to a certain level, which would provide a sufficient basis for accomplishing such an intense training program.

The program: 20-minute cycle workout

Cycle workout. Just the word itself makes my heart beat like jungle drum. But let’s admit it: you can profit a lot from it, if short duration and maximum efficiency are important for you. Such a training program will put a heavy load on your cardiovascular system. This means, it will get you awesome endurance, while you are doing weight training as well. So it is a combination of cardio and weight training. Now you might say you can reach the same results with intense weight training. But in this program, you have to measure time at each exercise. So you really have to push yourself to the edge of your limits if you want to make it. The description “20-minute cycle workout” may be misleading: the point of cycle workout is starting all over again, right after finishing a cycle (or maybe after a short rest break). And each cycle is made up by several exercises in a row, non-stop. This means, one single circle will last for 20 minutes. You may do two if you are still alive.Two cycles will kill you for sure. And that would still take only 40 minutes. So, as I mentioned above, this program can be ideal for you if you are short of time.
First of all: choose relatively light weights for each exercise so you can make it to the end of the cycle. Each exercise is done for one minute. This means, you will measure time instead of counting reps. A good stopwatch might be helpful to warn you when time’s up.
It ain’t a big deal, is it? To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were begging for an Oxygen spray. ;) Or, if you survived and you can still breath, just start another cycle. The original program is complemented with a diet plan, too; a classic low-calorie shredding diet. But in the long run, such an intense training program would not only cause fat loss but loss of muscle, too; therefore we do not recommend calorie-restriction. Instead, we recommend that you follow a diet which enables constant progress. Do this workout 2-3 times a week.


If you are doing two or (God forbid!) even more cycles, a shot of Vitargo CRX 2.0 and an EAA (Essential Amino Acids) product e.g. Amino Essentials or Amino Magic can (literally) work magic, combined with an isotonic drink like IsoTec Endurance. After workout, your glycogen storages will be empty like school in the summer; at times like this, a whey protein-Vitargo combo can trigger your recovery instantly. The use of NO-igniters or stimulants are however, not recommended: you will be pumped like a puffer fish from the exercises already; any additional boost will most likely get you a heart attack.

(The original program was made up by former NAVY SEAL Stew Smith. He still develops training programs for corps like the Rangers, SEALs, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Special Forces, Air Force PJ or some law enforcement units to get them into excellent physical condition. Thank you, Stew!)

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