Training and recovery

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Everything about training, training methods, recovery tips and other interesting things.

70% diet, 30% exercise?

Negative Reps Until Failure

Muscle Memory: the Only Refuge After a Layoff

Intuitive Training

Whole Body Workout Smartly – part I

How Can You Make Your Biceps Wider?

How Can You Attain a Smaller Waist?

The 5 most common deadlift mistakes – and how to correct them

The eternal question: how much weight should you lift to get the most muscle?

So you want more muscles? Stretch!

Pyramid method: maybe you were using the wrong weights!

7 great bodybuilding superfoods

Dynamic positive phase for greater mass

Once more (and never again) about warmup

Pre-workout stretching? Are you for real? Yes, we are!

Learn what bodybuilding greats can teach you about squats

Female workout plan for beginners – with a little extra!

Complete training program for the best body shape

Boost your immune system like a pro – don't be satisfied with the average!

Protect your joints – here's how!

Forget everything you knew about muscle soreness!

Uneven chest muscle development? We have the solution!

How muscular do you have to be?

The most common ab workout mistake

Can You Pull Yourself Up?

Dip Basics

The Truth About Muscle Strain

Express Leg Workout

7 Tips for Bigger Deadlifts!

Recovery After Extreme Heavy Training

The Truth About Overtraining: What Overtraining Is and Isn’t

Super Intense Back Workout

The 100-Rep Workout

Learn form the Gift—Phil Heath’s arm routine

“Blitzkrieg” for Your Arms: a Quick and Intense Routine

How to apply forced reps correctly

30-minute workout routine – in case you’re in a hurry

Restart Psychology

Do you have shoulder pain? That’s how to do bench presses!

No Time To Work Out?

Close Grip Bench Press With a Twist

A bootcamp for the calves

Double Chest Workout

Are your triceps lagging behind? We’ll show you how to bring them up!

Upper chest-specific training program

5 Tips to Relaunch Your Development

Does running suck?

Overtraining? WTF?

Curl-up vs. Sit-up: which one is better?

Train like Navy SEALs!

Ab workout with ab wheel

7+1 Mistakes You Should NOT Make While Bench Pressing

Straight Sets vs. Pyramid

What lags behind is your chest? Work some extra, that’s the best!

Can’t You Feel Your Biceps?

Common Back Workout Mistakes

Top 10 muscle building moves

Chest workout mistakes

Phil Heath Mr. Olympia workout and meal plan

High rep workouts – full plan

B.Y.O.B. (Bomb Your Own Back) With High Rep Counts

Fires of Hell – High Rep Leg Workout

Pad your shoulders – with muscles!

Triceps on fire – are you ready for that?

Pump your biceps to the next level!

A new boost to the pectorals!

The secret of Stallone

Brutal Branch Warren leg workout

Three Heads Are Better Than One

Larry Scott biceps workout II.

Larry Scott biceps workout

Lee Haney back workout

The king of all back exercise

The secret of the 130-cm chest

When you have only 15 minutes...

A killer superset!

The Science of Squats

Fill your upper pecs with muscle!

The Heavy Duty training method

Giant Sets

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