Typical mistakes from women

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1. I do not take protein shakes after my workouts.

Many women will insist on that based on their fear of getting masculine because of protein shakes.

Dear Ladies!

A protein shake contains nutrients – as if it was chicken, cottage cheese or fish. It has a huge benefit of being absorbed and utilized quickly by the body, so it supports the starting of regeneration processes fast. Regeneration is the key to development, so you definitely need that! As opposed to gain muscle mass, it serves to recover the muscle fibres so that you can put some load on them again. You will not grow 30 kg of muscle by drinking a tasty post-workout shake, or taking it for supper! Put your fear aside! It is a perfect alternative to sweets, and it provides you with fine nutrients too.

2. I’ll work on my legs only, that’s the region I’d like to shape.

It is a grave mistake to focus on a muscle group just because you think it needs some shape-up. Losing muscle balance, and strengthening certain muscle groups exclusively can lead to different kinds of functional failures. You have no idea why your hips are in pain, while they are likely to be overloaded by the legs or glutes exercises. Or probably your knees ache because training your hamstrings and glutes made you neglect vastus muscles, and the lack of balance results in a constant load on the nearby joints. It is very important to work on all your muscle groups!

3. I do not use heavy weights as I do not want to grow big!

Well, light weights will not get you any transformation at all, because they will not stimulate your body to adapt. It is like saying ‘I walk in the woods, and not in the city today.’ So what? You will not increase the usual load on your body at all. Heavier weights will trigger your body to adapt, and that’s the key to development. In case you wish others to see that you do sports and lead a fit life, then do not be afraid to use heavier weights – use them in confidence!

4. I would like to lose some body weight, so I do a lot of cardio!

Doing cardio exercise is a very nice method to burn calories, but if you do not combine it with a diet, then all your efforts are in vain. It is the diet that creates the bases of weight-loss and transformation of lifestyle. If you do not follow an appropriate diet, then your body will not use and ‘burn’ fats, but it is likely to lose quite a bit of muscles. If you stick to your previous eating regime, you are also expected to get used to the cardio workouts, and nothing is about to change. The “I’ll eat this up, as I’m going to sport it off surely” situation is a rather common mistake. You would not think about it, but a slice of cake can contain the equivalent of 2 hours running. No 5-minute joy can worth it...

5. I’ll be a fintess model by this fall

Do not to set fanciful goals as it might lead to disappointment. I’m not saying that becoming a fitness model competitor in 6 months is unheard of (we’ve already seen individuals with a 3-week preparation program too...), but if you wish to be really proud of your achievements, and you expect your movements and physique not to hang out of the field of competitors (with years of hard work behind them), you’ll need more patience. Having the best possible conditions to start from, you’ll still need 1–2 years to achieve a form ready for the stage!

6. I know that already, I’ve seen it on a video

It is recommended to learn the proper execution of movements and exercises under supervision of a trainer or expert, because even if you think you are okay, you cannot see yourself from different perspectives, and as a beginner you might not feel what you should! Watching videos is a good and useful thing, but if you want to avoid injuries and motivational drop-backs in the future, ask for help of an expert. Moreover rep counts and loads should be customized so that the exercise can be effective. It is not enough to know that the goal is 3 sets of 10 reps, when you have no idea what weights to use at your current fitness level!

7. I work my abs every day.

What for? You will not get a flat belly or a six-pack from working your abs as a maniac – actually it requires you to follow proper ways to get rid of the body fat from above your abdominal muscles. The key to is in your diet rather than torturing your abs with no end. It is enough to work your abs 3 days a week, but then make those workouts really count, and not just ‘oh, 200 quick crunches before I hit the shower’. Strengthen your core muscles with bridges, do leg raises, side-bend hip raises, use ab wheels, or do cable crunches!

8. I have bought fat burning supplements, and I’m waiting for the results.

You can wait as long as you like... You won’t see results without a proper diet! Always keep in mind that if there was a pill that could melt body fat away, there were no obese people in the world. But there are. Then what good “fat-burners” do? They can enhance the benefits of a proper diet and workout program! So they boost the effects of your diet and training program.But leaving these factors out degrade fat-burners into a waste of money…

9. I’ll do an aerobic session today, will go running tomorrow, then I’m not sure yet…

If you don’t have a goal, you will not see results either. In case you go for any transformation, you’ll need to compile the right workout programs, and then progress along that roadmap. If your goal is to feel good in your everyday life, it will do. But if you plan to shape your body, and change its composition, then you should definitely avoid doing unplanned, helter-skelter workout weeks!

10. It’s been a week dedicated to workouts, and no results yet…


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