What weight-gaining supplement should I take?

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If you don’t know much about the world of food supplements, picking a weight-gaining supplement might be difficult. Even experienced athletes can get confused because of the huge selection available today. What weight-gaining supplement to use, which of those works best for You? We’ll help you with that in a brief yet informative guide!

What should be considered when choosing a weight-gaining supplement?

You need to focus on two key features:

  • your body type
  • your daily activity – sports + physical work

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When you take your body type into account, you need to determine how fast you usually accumulate fat, or how shredded you tend to be (belonging to the “all-you-can-eat-and-still-look-starving” group of people). Let this be the primary aspect of your choice. This starting point will give you the basic idea of what kind of weight-gaining product to choose.

Is your body endomorphic, mesomorphic, or ectomorphic? That’s the key!

Endomorphic, mesomorphic, and ectomorphic body type. All can be worked on for the best!

Considering your daily activities you need to know that the more active you are, the more calories (primarily carbohydrates) you need. This aspect becomes more important for those who do other sports besides body-building or those who do body-building as complementary work-out. It is also possible that someone has a job that requires a lot of physical work – and that should be taken into account too. Anyhow in these cases you need to deal with higher nutrient demands.

But let’s not rush into things, we should start with the most important thing: body type.

Do not build fat tissue, but the product should be as effective as possible!

If you look at the weight-gaining supplements, you’ll find the products categorized in three (plus one) groups. There are

Weight-gaining products with low protein content have relatively high amount of carbohydrates in them. It is clear that the higher the protein percentage is, the less carbohydrates a product can contain. If you know this, it will be easier to choose. Why? First example:

If you gain fat easily

It is pretty obvious that if you tend to accumulate fat fast, then products with less than 15% protein in them (consequently having a higher carbohydrate ratio) will make you swell fast. People who gain fat rather easily know exactly that consuming extra carbohydrates will result extra rolls of fat on their bodies. On the other hand you definitely need carbohydrates (at least after working out) especially in your weight-gaining period. So it is not good to exclude everything but protein shakes. So there’s the golden mean left: you need to choose a weight-gaining product that contains a higher ratio of proteins, and the carbohydrate content is moderate. These are the weight-gaining products with a protein content over 30%. If you tend to get fat easily, be sure to choose from this group of products, or at a more advanced level you can consider using MRPs with protein contents up to almost 50%. Weight-gaining products with 15-30% or under 15% protein content will surely increase your body fat, so stay clear of them.

Which weight-gaining product to chose if you are always shredded, and have no chance to grow fat?

Products with a protein content over 30% are not ideal for you as the amount of carbohydrates in them is relatively low. You can benefit more from higher carbohydrate content, and you still don’t have to deal with getting fatty. There are some weight-gaining supplements with a 15–30% protein content with „boosting doses” that can provide you with a significant daily calorie-boost, if you follow the recommended dosage. (Taking them in an “economical way” will make them last longer but will also decrease efficiency.) You can consider products with a protein content below 15% in case your six-pack has never ever faded by some fat, but we recommend this group of products for the beginners only.

Do you play basketball or soccer too? Increase your food intake!What kind of weight-gaining supplement should you take having an average body type?

In case you have an average normal body type you can take products with a 15-30% protein content as a beginner, but at higher levels stick to the ones with protein content above 30%, and MRPs. You don’t need extra carbohydrates, or extra calorie-boosts to grow, so there is no point in bombarding your body with that – you don’t get chubby by simply looking at a cookie, but gaining some belly fat is not unheard of either.

The extra factor – your level of daily activities: how active you are during the day?

There is only one thing that can overrule the stuff listed above: if you are involved in a lot more physical activities than average. As long as you do resistance exercises with weights only, everything mentioned above stands. However if you do body-building as a complementary sport, or if you do endurance sports regularly, then you need to adapt your nutrient consumption to that too (note that one session of friendly soccer a week is not an issue here). Usually this means an increased intake of carbohydrates and fats. Weight-gaining supplements can add to the carbohydrate consumption mainly.

The process is something like this:

  • If you gain fat easily then you can choose from the group of products with 15-30% protein in them – but don’t lose self-control.
  • If your body type is close to the average then the same group of products works for you best, but look for high dosage supplements that can give you extra calorie-boosts.
  • In case you don’t gain fat easily then keep doing what you already do, but do more and do it more frequently – speaking of food and supplements!


Let’s keep this simple! We list the categories, and then recommend one product for each. If you don’t feel like looking up things, here comes the solution!

Doing body-building workouts only

Accumulating fat is not likely

Average body type
Growing fat easily

Doing other kinds of sports regularly apart from body-building

Accumulating fat is not likely

Choose the same stuff as in the first case, but take higher amounts and eat more food too.

Average body type
Growing fat easily

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